Christopher DeLaurenti · Alex Keller

Sunday, June 30 · Polestar Music Gallery · 1412 18th Ave. at E Union · 8 PM · $10

Abrasive, sparse, ethereal, abrupt, and wistful, rebreather improvise live electronic music from the digital glossolalia of sabotaged consumer electronics, homebrew circuits, and obsolete devices. Since early 1999 rebreather has performed numerous concerts and multichannel performance installations throughout the Northwest.

    Some of rebreather's guiding principles are:
  • Neither opposites nor absolutes, sound and silence comprise a dynamic continuum of musical mass, velocity, and space.
  • Basking in the danger of live performance, rebreather probes the frontiers of free improvisation with no predetermined sections or foreordained compositions. Prerecorded sounds will be perverted in real time by unpredictable means.
  • Avoid state-of-the-art sound-generating gear. We do use quality mixers and record direct to DAT to document our performances. Resulting recordings remain untouched by compression or other compromising processes.
  • We coax and exhume whichever sounds we find, fusing them into a sonic conversation of shared solos, duets and, of course, silences.

Composer, improviser, and writer Christopher DeLaurenti's music incorporates murky atmospheres, unusual field recordings, everyday speech, and an array of instruments deployed in maniacal recombinant polyphony. A new music rabble-rouser, Christopher also hosts the experimental music radio program the sonic stratosphere, serves aboard the Tentacle journal of Northwest creative music, and writes music reviews and articles. His CD releases include Three Camels for Orchestra and Other New and Weird American Music, the "you are there" aural safari N30: Live at the WTO Protest, and appearances on numerous compilations.

Alex Keller has worked in traditional music composition, sound design, experimental sound art, and performance. His work explores formal ideas of narrative in music and sound, investigates the relationship between a "real" sound event and a recorded one, and uses different experimental production techniques. Born in 1971, Keller started making recordings and music in high school in Houston, Texas, eventually releasing work under his own name and as Tri-State. In 1993 he attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to make work in the Sound, Art and Technology and Time Arts departments, interned at the Experimental Sound Studio, and began doing sound design and soundtrack work for film and theater. In addition to working with rebreather, his recent projects include the electroacoustic work "Four Hundred Boys," sound design for commuter rail station art installations in Tukwila and Sumner, Washington, and an installation using found answering machine tapes.

17th Seattle Improvised Music Festival