Bill Horist, Dennis Rea & Doug Theriault

Thursday, June 27 · On The Boards Studio Theater · 100 W Roy · 8 PM · $10

Since relocating to Seattle from southwest Michigan, Bill Horist has established himself as a noted improvising guitarist along the West Coast. He has collaborated with Chris Cutler, Tatsuya Yoshida (of Ruins), Climax Golden Twins, Amy Denio, KK Null, Uchihashi Kazuhisa, William Hooker, Luigi Archetti, Christoph Gallio, Lesli Dalaba, Paul Hoskin, Jessica Lurie, Timothy Young, Mason Jones, Jeff Greinke, Masa, Tucker Martine, and Yoko Murau, as well as members of Critters Buggin, Maktub, Wayne Horvitz's Pigpen, and the Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet. He has been a member of the bands Nobodaddy, Tourniquet Trio, Phineas Gage, UnFolkUs, Tablet, and Zahir, and currently plays with Axolotl and free-shredding trio Ghidra (featuring Wally Shoup). These encounters have resulted in projects that range from rock to ambient, from free jazz to industrial. As a solo artist, Bill's improvised, prepared guitar work is informed by Hans Reichel, Fred Frith, and Henry Kaiser, but shows a unique style and personality. In 1998 Bill toured the United States in support of his first CD Soylent Radio. His second solo CD, Songs from the Nerve Wheel, was released in 2000.

Dennis Rea's sonically adventurous guitar playing is informed by modern jazz, free improvisation, experimental composition, out-rock, and the music of East and Central Asia. He has collaborated with such innovative musicians as Han Bennink, Hector Zazou, Stuart Dempster, Cui Jian, Jeff Greinke, Wang Yong, Lesli Dalaba, India Cooke, Wally Shoup, Toshi Makihara, Trey Gunn, Amy Denio, Fred Chalenor, Tucker Martine, Bill Rieflin, Jessica Lurie, Eyvind Kang, Briggan Krauss, Gregg Keplinger, Liang Heping, Liu Yuan, Geoffrey Harper, and Reuben Radding. He has given hundreds of performances in the U.S., China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Germany, and has appeared on nearly two dozen recordings. Between 1989 and 1996 he organized three of the earliest unofficial concert tours of China by progressive Western musicians. He currently performs with Axolotl, LAND, Stackpole, the Collins–Rea–Scheer String Trio, and singer/songwriter Eric Apoe, among many other projects.

Photo by Katsutoshi Yamaguchi

Doug Theriault, a guitarist based in Portland, Oregon, works in improvisational live peformance. He has presented his work all over the United States with a wide variety of musicians and in many festivals. All of his projects concern the use of Music Improvisation, in its many forms and contexts. His work is informed by Hugh Davies, Derek Bailey, Michel Waisvisz, and Masayuki Takayanagi. He is mostly concerned with playing in ad-hoc improvisational contexts, including collaborations with national and international artists Fred Lonberg-Holm, Saadet Turkuz, Gino Robair, Davey Williams, LaDonna Smith, Ed Chang, Jeph Jerman, Wally Shoup, Jack Wright, Toshi Makihara, Tim Perkis, Sean Meehan, Matthew Sperry, Minus, Mark Hosler (Negativland), Eric Ostrowski (noggin), Climax Golden Twins, Aiko Shimada, Jason Dumars, and the Sun Ra Orchestra, to name a few. Doug's ongoing music projects are Office Products (with David Chandler), Dual (with Ed Chang), and ongoing collaborations with other musicians and artists.

17th Seattle Improvised Music Festival